Luminous Lagoon Trips

Jamaica Charter Boats is Jamaica’s only natural night-time attraction

Jamaica Charter Boats in Falmouth is home to the rare wonder, the Luminous Lagoon adventure. Starting daily at sunset, we begin nightly boat tours of the famous Luminous Lagoon. You will see things that will make you appreciate the beauty Mother Nature has created for us to witness and experience! Truly, a sight to be seen! If you’re staying in Jamaica, be sure to book a tour with Jamaica Charter Boats and reward yourself with a truly memorable experience you will remember forever.

This lagoon, surrounded by mangroves, is home to microscopic organisms that emit a bio-luminescent light when agitated. The water glows a beautiful blue and becomes illuminated when these organisms are disturbed. As the fish in the lagoon swim and dart around, you can see their outlines as streaks of light, shooting around in the darkness of night. Get your cameras ready to take photos of the fishes as they pass by with a glow!

When it rains, the lagoon ‘lights up’ with the drops of water dancing on the surface. The lagoon and bay is about 3-8 feet, or more, in depth. It’s relatively shallow for the area it covers. Those who wish can enjoy a swim in the lagoon during the boat tour. You will experience the glow all around you as you splash and swim around. An experience like no other, so be sure to bring a swim suit and enjoy! The more you splash, the more you glow! Your captain will explain the science behind this effect as well as the benefits of this mineral water to you while on the Luminous Lagoon boat tour. 

Truly an amazing experience! 

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